14th February, Somewhere in a small village in Rajasthan :

Meera was sitting alone in a room.The red saree and heavy ornaments she was wearing made her movements restricted. After all you can’t expect swift moves from a 14 years old bride!
She always said to her parents, “I want to study, I would like to be a teacher like Neeraj Sir”.

Her parents never liked her rebellious nature and her marriage was fixed with a 28 year old man, who could look after their rebellious daughter with maturity and experience. Today was her wedding day but she was not worried. She knew that at any moment her beloved Neeraj Sir would come and save her .He would not let her parents get away with this marriage.

Young Neeraj was popular among girl students , although their number was low.

Meera replayed each word of the letter in her mind,

My beloved Neeraj Sir,

My parents have fixed my wedding on 14th February, day after tomorrow. I don’t want to get married now, I want to study and be a teacher like you. If I ever marry someone, he will be like you. You are my only hope. Please do something.

With love,


In another room :

Meera’s father was yelling at her mother, “What was the need to send her to school? After all, girls have to look after their family and house. Look at the letter she has written to that so called social worker and her teacher Neeraj. It’s God’s grace that Chhotu gave it to me and not to that scoundrel.”

The baarat had reached. While Meera’s friends were looking at the bridegroom with childlike inquisitiveness, Meera’s eyes were frantically searching for her beloved Neeraj sir..


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