Sneha kept glancing nervously looking for a sign. She was feeling claustrophobic and went outside for a breath of fresh air. She cursed herself mentally for her stupidity. This was no movie where the Hero would barge in last minute. Anil, her to be fiance came looking for her, she smiled at his handsome face and went back inside for the exchange of rings. This association was happily accepted by both the families and forged a powerful partnership in the business world. After a sumptuous dinner, all the guests retreated back to their rooms for a pleasant stay.  The who’s who had come to attend this destination ‘Engagement’. Sneha,  emmersed in her thoughts, started removing all her finery and freed herself from the enormously heavy designer ‘lehanga’. She wondered if her parents would have hosted a party as this,  if it was Pratik she was getting engaged to.  Her parents never liked him much and considered him to be a bad influence. Just when she thought, Pratik was going to officiate their relationship, he came to say goodbye. Sneha slapped him so hard that her hand still stung from the memory of it. She was so hurt that she didn’t even let him complete and stomped off. She immediately accepted the proposal of Anil, much to the relief of her parents and didnt think twice for an outstation engagement. Alas, she missed the letter Pratik wrote to her about the misgivings of her parents and stating his undying love for her. “I’ll wait for you forever” it was signed off.

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