Radha was sixteen when she lost her father. Her mother was devastated and her nine-year-old twin sisters were unable to offer any help. Taking care of them and the household became her routine. Her sisters continued studying at the cost of her own. She started working. Throughout these years, music was the only thing that gave her solace and strength to carry on.

Time went by. As usual, that evening she reached the music school where she would teach music to children. She saw a young man, telling funny stories to her students. His appearance with twinkling eyes and a bright smile suddenly made her nervous. Her Guruji introduced them to each other. Mihir, Guruji’s nephew welcomed her with warmth.

His zeal overpowered her. Fondness grew with time. On the beautiful evening of Saraswati Puja, He proposed. She kept quiet.

Radha was a girl with strong moral values. She couldn’t think of her own happiness, neither she could bother him with her burdens. She put her emotions in a letter. “Please forgive me for my inability to respect and reciprocate your love,” she wrote the line with trembling hands and waited for the evening to give it to him. She took her tanpura and let Tagore’s song stream down her pain from eyes.

A sudden knock at the door broke her trance. Mihir and Guruji had come to meet her family. He was aware of her family problems from the very beginning. Mihir touched her mother’s feet. With her blessing, he asked Radha again and promised to be there for her to share all her duties. Guruji and her mother agreed in unison.

Years have passed since then. Radha fondly runs behind her five-year-old boy while helping Mihir to find his watch and purse. The letter remained undelivered.


Written by Anwee Mazumder

Since her childhood, she has always been into reading and writing. Holding two Masters, she has served in the corporates for almost eight years as an HR Professional. Now a full-time mom to a two-year-old super active toddler. The turns of life have certainly made it almost impossible for her to pursue her interests, but she is determined to take writing seriously.