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The crowd cawed disconsolately on the roof of the Sahubabu’s house for a stale roti while pigeons continued cooing. After a long wait for the old lady they flew away silently. The cow mooed to be untied.

The six month old baby cried bitterly. Sahubabu ordered

“Oh, calm down, baby.Is the tea ready?”

“Mom where are you? Please give me something to eat.”

“Ranudidi, please help me do the sum.”

“I cannot find my glasses. Medicine, Bahu. ”


Sahubabu’s father shouted.

But no answer came. The female members of the family had disappeared all over the world suddenly.

After a few days, a 1929 recession like situation was created. Jewelers and saree house owners had closed down.

Cooking, washing, household chores seemed herculian task for the men folk. They realised soon they couldn’t do without women

Scientists pulled their hair in the UNO conference convened for the purpose.

“Lord Siva is the creator and destroyer. He took the incarnation of Ardhanariswar. Hijdas may be cloned to substitute women population.” It was unanimously approved.

Hijdas held an international meeting to teach lesson to the menfolk for their attitude to the LGBT comunity. A plan was devised. Menfolk consider women as a cheap commodity. So they made a rate chart for their services.

  1. Lullaby-3000
  2. Baby sitting-5000 per day
  3. One kiss-2000
  4. One hour in park-10000

Necessity is the mother of invention. Looking for substitutions the men queued at the Eunuchs’ houses.

Business ran well for few days until trouble aroused due to the scarce supply. Manfolk struggled, fought among themselves. ‘Might is the right policy’ they applied. Eventually faced the fate of dinosaurs.

Maharani, the oldest hijda was satisfied. Using her cell scientists succeeded in their experiment. But only Ardhanariswar, not a woman was born.

However she suggested worshipping Ardhanariswar.

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