Behind every successful man, there is a … Read and rate this story.

Behind every successful man, there is a …….

The nation hooked on to see the special news report being aired on the International Women’s Day.

“Here is an exclusive coverage of a small farming village called Durgapura located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It remained isolated for a long time owing to poor infrastructure with no connecting roads, or electricity or any means of communication. But five years ago, a catastrophic event brought this village into limelight”, briefed the reporter.

“Behind every successful man there is a ——–??” he paused.

“There is no prize for guessing the answer but ask any man in this village and he would tell you what meaning the word “woman” holds for him.”

Upon taking a sneak peek into a house, it appeared spick and span with tantalizing aroma coming from the kitchen.

“How do you manage both the house and the farm?”

“I owe this to my better half Sitadevi. While she was alive, I never respected her. I always treated her like my slave whose sole duty was to fulfil my desires and keep my house running. Every other household had a similar story to tell. But God chastised the men when all the women disappeared one day in an apocalypse. The reality struck hard when we didn’t know how to cook, how to maintain cleanliness and numerous other chores at which we always mocked. A great percent of the male population died in an epidemic that followed. There was not even a single woman left to tell us the age-old “gharelu nuskhe”.

“Mourning gave way to evolution if we wished to survive. In death also, our women made us strong”, said teary-eyed Ramnath.

Hundreds of miles away, Mrs. Sharma nudged her husband “You better start respecting your wife. A diamond ring can’t justify your unacceptable behavior.”

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