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“Oh, not again!”, said the perplexed Creator of the Universe. “What brings you here every now and then?“, he angrily retorted to a mob of visibly restless men.

Oh my lord, we beg your pardon, but we are really facing a hard time due to our ancestors’ selfishness. We request you to kindly help us out with our miseries“, replied the leader of the group.

What miseries now? Your ancestors wished not to have a girl child born in their families whatsoever. Keeping their wish in mind, I erased every female from this earth. To ease your life, you all have been given a handbook that holds solutions to all your problems. What more do you expect me to do now? “, thundered the Creator.

We wish we knew this earlier that no handbook in this world would help us men master the multitasking abilities between work, home and children so skilfully, ” quipped a bespectacled white haired man.

There is no chapter in the handbook to understand emotions of an offspring at different phases of their lives. Me and my teenage sons are at daggers drawn since their toddlerhood. It’s impossible for me to know what’s going on in their minds and vice versa“, replied a bald man, who appeared to be in his forties.

It’s getting really difficult for us to survive in this world with rebellious and aggressive people, fuelled by ego and thriving on narcissism. There is no presence of warmth, compassion or empathy left in any relations, my Lord “, complained an agitated young man.

Yes, women are the cohesive force that would keep this world together“, replied the group in unison.

The Creator smirked and changed them all to women.

At least, now I shall have some peace of mind,” murmured the Creator.

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