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Complete Within

“Why in the world they had to be here?” Roger murmured as he tried to feel the surface below his feet in the pitch dark.

“Shh don’t make noise and follow me,” John whispered. “It’s a sacred tomb…and they can get resurrected hearing your hoarse voice.”

“Then that’s the very reason we are here no?” Roger spoke while throwing around the laser beams.


It had all begun with that one excavation mission. Underneath the rubbles of the ancient building, the world-famous archaeologist John was mesmerized to know that there existed such a beautiful world.

There were paintings and statues of human beings with slightly different anatomy and capabilities of procreating. The murals had the record of violent history which made them extinct; the cruel story of a worldwide female genocide by a dejected ruler.

In the year, 3012, in a world sans women, the politics embroiled the question,” whether they should bring them back or not? ” Although with the technology to take care of reproduction; the world without women appeared mechanical. The issue was politicized by ‘pro-men’ and ‘menist’ leaders. Only a few like John and Geneticist Roger wanted to bring back the balance of nature as they understood that gradually this social structure was going to perish humanity.


John and Roger were deep inside the tomb collecting the DNA from the mummies. All of a sudden there were tremors. An enchanting ‘Echo’ surrounded them, “We were meant to complement each other. You chose the incompleteness… and here we are complete within.”

Year of 3040.

John steps out of the tomb.

“Roger, missing you buddy. I am glad that we chose a life of completeness. I didn’t leave her inside, but I am out here to make the world ready for her power and beauty…Once again!”


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