Again he did the same! Why can’t I have male friends ? Why all restrictions on me? Just because I am a woman… I can’t wear shorts, I can’t forget to wear mangalsutra….damn ..when will this patriarchal culture will end ? Didn’t I welcome his female friends last week? Doesn’t he wear shorts and nothing on top on hot summer days?

Prema was very angry and rushing towards…well nowhere, she didn’t know where was she going.
She stopped at the amusement park. At the entry a huge man-shaped machine ‘Zoltar” with the writing- “MAKE A WISH” caught her eyes. She took out a coin and put it in and made a wish.
Prema entered the Utopian world.

Meanwhile, in the patriarchal world:
Prem was wondering, where has Prema gone? She never goes out without telling! I’m so hungry, no dinner on the table, Savita bai is also not there! Dad is coughing, where does she keep the medicine? Oh this SMS, tomorrow PTM in the school, 2nd or 3rd, in which class Pintu is?
In Prema’s absence Prem was realising how important she is in his life! Without her, he is incomplete.
He was filled with remorse. “Please Prema, come back.”


“Prem, get up, you will be late for the office and I have to go to Pintu’s school for the PTM, hurry up.”
Prem got up with a was a dream!

He held Prema’s hand and said,

“Forgive me. I had forgotten that we, man and woman, are equal.
One more chance please, I will treat my woman the way she’s worthy of!”

Prem said humorously,
“There’s HE in SHE
“….and PREM in PREMA”

Prema completed and they both laughed.

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Written by Geeta Jena

Geeta spends most of her time indulging in her hobbies - teaching and writing. She has written short stories and poems in Gujarati and Hindi for her college magazine. During her tenure as a Pre-primary teacher, she has written rhymes and plays for her students. Her favourite genres are romance and supernatural.