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The barren desert stretched all around as far as the eye could see. There was no green to relieve the monotony not a blade of grass, not a shrub.

It had been six months at this out post. No leave was possible given the hostilities breaking out at regular intervals at the border.

Sighing he went back into his tent. Time to dress. His wardrobe was in a single monotone of “camouflage” fatigues. As he reached out to take a pair, he remembered Her. She would always help him put together an ensemble that made him the most nattily dressed young officer at the local club.

As he sat at the breakfast table, he missed the flowers that She would cut n decorate the dining table with. The exotic fruits she would find at the local market as opposed to the ration fruits at his table now.

The day done, he ambled over to the Mess, another tent next door. He was seeking company to soothe the ache of loneliness that often overwhelmed him. Cigar smoke and loud laughter greeted him and his heart lifted for a moment. He joined in the backslapping n jocular conversation but something was missing. The evening tea they shared was special for both of them as they exchanged notes. She was a dedicated popular doctor and her stories would always be full of life’s moments which he loved.

He always respected Her intelligent views on the world events.

As he turned in for the night, he missed Her acutely. Her musky scent, her soft body, her presence.


They had had problems in Paradise. He had volunteered for this assignment. The time away had brought home a fact.

They were Yin and Yang. Without one, the other would be incomplete.


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