His Empty Nest or His Emptiness Read and rate this story.

The repetitive rings of the alarm awakened Prajwal but like everyday he choose to snooze it. 10 minutes later it snoozed again,”Gosh! how foolish of me to still sleep. Josh wake up…You will be late for school. ” With these words he rushed for the loo. 


Prajwal was busy preparing the breakfast; the warm aroma of mustard oil, the splattering of the seeds, the choking smell of the red chilly was enough to remind Josh of his mother’s cooking magic. He many a times assisted his mother with kitchen work. But today…the house and its every nook and corner is empty…As he repeatedly combed his spiky hair , Josh glanced at the mirror and remembered HER…He missed HER…”Josh, pack your tiffin, finish your breakfast. The school bus will arrive any minute.” Prajwal said loudly.


Waving him off, Prajwal returned. The sink was overflowing with unkempt utensils from last night’s party, the laundry bag was stuffed with soiled as well as cleaned clothes, the carpet was strewn with stains of sauces, curries…and what not. A glance at the bedroom,the trousers were clustered over the bean bag, the toys scattered on one side of the floor, few empty glass bottles still peeped from under the bed…”What a mess! How do I clean them! How will I manage without HER? Even the afternoon client meet? How on earth will I attend it? A world devoid of my woman…” he thought.


Five hours later Prajwal was ready to leave for his office. “Finally I managed somehow, My world without My woman. If I could erase that day….How on earth You managed both the spheres? My Lady, you were extraordinary.”


Lighting the lamp in front of the photo frame of his Martyred wife, Prajwal murmered with moistened eyes,”Come back,please,Miss you My Love,” and left for his work.


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