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“Wow! This is brilliant! Where did you learn this?” said Ashwin with awe, when he saw his little son Aarav dexterously preparing the pizza.

“Mommy ….obviously! Who else can teach me, daddy?” said Aarav with his tiny hands still busy in spreading the oregano and chilli flakes.

“Hmmm… you definitely have the world’s best mom?” said Ashwin.

“Why did you let her go, then?” said little Aarav inquisitively and Ashwin turned speechless.

The three generations relished the home made Pizza after an extremely oily, spicy and heavy lunch of afternoon.

“And she thinks we can’t live without her uhhh…,” said the old grandpa reproachfully.

“At least I can’t, grandpa” said Aarav chewing his pizza.

“Ok! Ashwin drop him tomorrow to that buxom,” grandpa snarled and took his bite.

“Oh! My stomach!” suddenly he shrieked, squeezing his stomach tightly.

Before Ashwin could do something he puked with lumps of blood.

It was already 10 and in absence of any doctor he called emergency. The hospital sent an ambulance.

After a detailed enquiry, the doctor literally shouted at Ashwin for feeding him out.

“Do you know he has peptic ulcer? Aren’t you aware of the diet?” said the doctor.

As the old man fought for his life in ICU, Ashwin sat outside with Aarav. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he sat ruminating her importance in his small world.

“She takes care of the house and family in spite of her equally demanding job. She has taken care of dad’s diet in spite of his acerbity. The only thing she had been asking him and his family was a little respect for herself and her mother but was admonished; all because of his silence and non-cooperation.”

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