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“Hey! Tympo why this commotion, early morning?” asked Malleus.

“Malleo! You forgot. Today is that special day”, replied Tympo.

“Ummhhh! Yeah! Yeah! Today is that day. That special day that will make us successful again.”

“So are you ready stapes to unite with us and make it work again”, asked Malleus and Incus.


The gush of wind touched the tympanic membrane and pushed it far-far back into the darkness kissing the malleus who embraced it with its wide open hands delicately delivering it to incus that lovingly allowing it to slip down perfectly through its long limb and hops into the stapes’ head and to the base and through.

Our hearts were throbbing, and every passing second became unbearable as we waited eagerly for the reply from the brain.

“I can hear the bussing sound” replied Tarun.

With the sigh of relief Malleus bore a smile, and held the hands together with incus and stapes and shouted aloud “We did it! Hurray! We did it!”



Zo zo zo Yashoda ka nand lala ……..”

“This is Pihu’s voice and Tarun’s favorite. That’s why he is giggling and laughing today”, said Malleus.

I am the witness of ever thing Pihu and Tanmay constructed right from the time of conception. Life was beautiful and blessed until that fateful day when that disastrous car accident stole her from her garden of Eden and left injured Tarun and Tanmay.

Head injury crushed his stapes leaving him deaf for life. I would have not felt their incompleteness if I had not been a part of Tarun’s deafness.

Incus and myself did all that I could do with sound waves to make it reach to internal ear but without stapes we never succeeded. Nothing can take the place of this broken stapes which crippled us for life.

Everyone has its own place in life. Imagining our life without stapes was just impossible for us. Today I understand where Tanmay and Tarun stands without Pihu.



If a bone of the middle ear is damaged it causes conductive hearing loss.

Malleus, incus, stapes- three bones of middle ear.

Tympo- Tympanic membrane

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