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Circa 2519 AD:

I write this entry when I am certain of the inevitable doom. The doom that was called upon itself. The doom that was meant to be. The doom that is nothing but a repercussion of Man’s own actions.

Centuries of age-old patriarchy, lost all the women to it. The merciless killing of female foetuses, lost all the women to it. The usurious attempts to accumulation of wealth, lost all the women to it. In the pretext of proving himself mightier than all, the Man built glass ceilings so high, that all the women attempting to break through succumbed to it. The shrouded domestic trauma of pinning her down, lost all the women to it.

Man, unassumingly, thinking of this as his victory treaded alone for a long time, until he could no more. He yearned, for care, for beauty, for passion, for love, for lust. His intellectual acme didn’t help him there though. Technology too deceived. Varied levels of simple and complex experiments to recreate her, to recreate her presence alone, to recreate her touch alone, to recreate her voice alone, failed miserably.

The land now is filled with a certain unexplainable frenzy. Homoeroticism is passé now. Zoophilia is the norm. With no compassion, bestiality, will take over soon. Man, too is an animal, I had heard somewhere. But to witness it this way is surreal.

I created the world’s greatest species, mankind, and I failed. I failed because I discriminated. I discriminated with the division of emotions, tolerance, and compassion. I discriminated with strength, vigour and hormones. I discriminated with equality to start with.

And now, I am waiting. I am waiting eagerly to recreate it all, to start from scratch, to mend my mistakes. To recreate HER over HIM.

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