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The satellite lost reception and everybody at the space centre turned into a nervous wreck. The last few of the female gender of the human species were sent into orbit on the Lawsonia Inermis space shuttle on 8 March 2050 from Thumba, India. It was their final bid to save mankind.


The water crisis on Earth had worsened and life had become miserable. Rivers went dry and people fled the parched villages in search of water and food. Every piece of land had turned into a desert. The little population clustered around the few remaining green patches.

Women were the ones to bear the brunt. Carrying water pitchers to the far off water sources in the deserts, many had already lost their lives. Men had become vile and cursed women for their misfortunes.

A group of women scientists had been working relentlessly to find ways to move to another planet where their race could hope to survive. It was their final bid. The first rocket was designed to leave with all the women and children on 8th March.


Hell broke loose as they lost contact with the satellite. The men did not know what to do. They remembered the selfless efforts of the women as they struggled to fend for themselves. Tears of repentance flowed from their eyes and they started praying to the Devi to grant forgiveness and unite them with their loved ones. It had been months and the few men left had lost all hopes of survival.


Meanwhile, a tiny sapling of Lawsonia Inermis bloomed faraway on a planet in Galaxy Nova. The creator had given a second chance to mankind.

Soon, the mission would complete its final journey to and from the earth.

Lawsonia Inermis (scientific name of Henna)
Devi (Goddess)

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