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He breathed……..breathed deeper……………………His gushing breath was the only thing that disturbed the tranquil atmosphere. No chirping birds. No flapping wings. No rumbling traffic. Even the breeze couldn’t be heard. Silence in the new cell had heightened Zoe’s senses. But his heartbeat brought back the rhythm of his soul to a steady pace.

Zoe called out in the dark but none responded. Finally he heard a coo..

“Hey. I am Zoe. Just got transferred here. Mind introducing yourself?”

“I am Cell No: 5.”

“My mom named me the moment I entered her life. Your mom didn’t give you a name.”

“I’m Cell No: 5”

“Okay Brother 5……”

“Cell No. 5!!!”

“Okay..okay….How long have you been here?”

“7 months.”

“Gosh!! Without the mom’s warmth?”

“It’s pretty warm here.”

“It sure is, but the warmth of mom is different. Her love envelopes you even when she isn’t holding you. I miss her heart that paced when I got hurt. I miss those butterflies she had in tummy when the doctor examined me. My one kick exploded her brain with excitement and sparked exhilaration in her heart. My calls never went unheard. My wails never went unattended. “

“Worry not! They make periodic rounds to take care of your nourishment.”

“Nobody can nourish my soul like my mom did.” Infuriated Zoe kicked in the air and the glass shield shattered. Panting for breath, Zoe heard the last buzz of humans. Somebody exclaimed – “Impossible! For years, these incubators have successfully replaced a womb. Nobody can shatter this!”

The simulator exclaimed – “I can! Through EM waves he was trying to evoke emotions in my world – where machines rule. Her mom was the last woman whose breath was conquered by me. With that I had successfully conquered this planet and encaged emotions. Love now means subservience.”

– Supriti Aggarwal

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