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Criticizing women in every circumstance has always been a heart wrenching truth in the patriarchal world we live in.
People regret only when they never get them back in their lives.
The epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana had also been topic of discussion for the characters like Draupadi and Sita. They have faced sarcasm through ages as if they were responsible for bringing about the wars.
Arrya had always wanted to present her thoughts on the women’s day in an unique plot. She decided to put forward the Mahabharat without the female characters (which had been always blamed) to her classmates on the annual day.
She planned to remove the
1. Gandhari blind folded sacrifice for Yudhisthir,
2. Kunti’s pivotal role in Karna’s life,
3. And the most important character in the epic ‘Draupadi’,
4. Hidimba’s affection for bhima and other dominant roles.
The whole skit appeared unwanted to the audience. They could not understand the reason of valour and pride portrayed by the male characters.
Their existence was for their own upraise. The life stops in their world.
Actually the word ‘life’ exists with the women. Their presence executes life with the power to roar and rise.
Happy women’s day!!!

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