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Professor Raul, was on the brink of a path breaking invention. As he completed the last minute tweaks, his eyes began gleaming with anticipation.

Just then his phone rang. The mobile screen blinked with his wife’s picture.
“Oh no, this lady always has such awful timing,” Raul muttered.
“What,” he snapped as he answered the call.
Vania’s throat hurt as she tried to control her tears. “Raul, I have had enough of you and your male chauvinistic behavior. I am done being your slave. I have decided to leave,” she said.
On hearing this Raul couldn’t hide the glee in his voice as he said, “You are free to leave Vania. You are an extremely ungrateful woman and you will realize my worth soon”.
Anamika the most realistic, poseable and life like looking sexbot was ready to be installed.  She could even be customized with a mobile application to get multiple combinations of looks, clothes, personalities and voice to get the perfect companion.
Raul had a magical three years with Anamika. Who said an obedient wife was a myth, Raul sniggered as he customized a new blonde, version of Anamika.
One day as he went to the super market to pick up some groceries, he saw Vania at a distance. She was with another man.  Her beautiful smile, still took his breath away. Her smell, her touch, suddenly a myriad of memories flooded him. The way she would kiss his forehead every morning. Her stubborn streak, arguments, and the making up. Gosh he never thought he would miss all that. He suddeenly felt a gnawing emptiness within him.
At home, he was greeted yet again with a big smile by Anamika. In response Raul reached out for his phone and pressed “Deactivate”.

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