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“Suraj, get my tool-box from the attic”

“Ok, Dad”

While searching, Suraj’s attention was grabbed by a heavy metal box.

After struggling, he opened it.

“Suraj, what is taking you so long?” asked his grandfather.

“Look Dadu, some photographs and odd-looking clothes.”

“Who are these people? Why do they look so different?”

“Ah, you found my treasure.” admired Dadu.

“They are women, who were part of our colorful life once.”

Dadu pointed, “She is your grandmother in her wedding-gown. This is her and me on our wedding day.” “And in this photograph, she is holding your dad when he was born”

Suraj was confused, “What is a woman?” “Where are they now?”

Tears rolled down from Dadu’s eyes, “When God first created this world, he created both man and woman. Woman was the reason that life existed. It was her womb that gave birth to a child. She nurtured the child with her warmth, love, and care. Taught him things like walking, talking, how to succeed and be motivated despite failing.”

“But man, like us, always ignored them. We thought we are supreme because of our physical strength and used it against them.” “We abused them sexually and emotionally.”

“Then one night, there was a celestial announcement and next morning every woman and every color from this earth vanished.” “That’s why everything is just black and white.”

“How was I born then?” asked Suraj

“Babies come as a gift directly from God for those men who wish and show the capability of nurturing them.” “But the rate with which babies are gifted is getting less by each day as most men have forgotten how to raise a child with no woman left to teach”

“And I am sure, it won’t take long when whole human species would cease to exist”

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