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“No Dr. Shivi you can’t do this, this can become a curse to the humanity”! yelled Dr. Mahesh but she was determined to do that and in a blink with a push of a button the female gender from the human specie became disappear from the whole world.Where’s all the women of the world has gone? asked the international human resource officer.

Sir as an experiment from an Indian scientist, the whole women gener of the world became disappear.

But why ? Why she had done this horrible experiment to the world?

This was not a sudden decision sir.It was a result of the sins which was done by men thoroughly especially in the Indian society.

Can you please explain me about that?

Sir here are some of that worst things,”killing of the female infant in the womb or throw her in a dustbin after the birth,cursing and beating the wife for the dowry and doing domestic violence which sometimes results even into her death,they even do gangrape to the 8 years old innocent girl and the young girl who protested to the violence became a victim of acid attack.

The last line Dr.Shivi narrated in the letter which found in her lab is”I have done this for you (men) as you wished.”

Hmm, the officer replied, and what are the impacts after this?

Sir the love and laughter has gone from the men’s life, he is wandering for the affection and warmth which he used to get in the forms of the warm hugs and kisses from his daughter,wife and mother.His life has become robotic and as a result they are becoming patients of mental disorders rapidly.

Hmm, probably this is the perfect way to realize them, what they have lost.

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