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Eventually, the world was partitioned.

Men would live in ‘Kingdom’ ruled by the absolute misogynist Purushwamy and women would inhabit ‘Queendom’ reigned by the supreme misandrist Narigami.

It all happened on the Raksha Bandhan Day. Vanshawali had flown six thousand miles in his private airplane only for the occasion. Landing in the backyard, he cried ecstatically, “MaaBeti Duhita, see who’s here. Chhoti! look what I have for you. Preyasi, where are you, sweetheart?”

But he was shocked to find his home vacant. Wailing neighbours informed that his mother, daughter, sister and wife were forced to emigrate like every other woman to Queendom.

Vanshawali stood stupefied.


Soon, Purushwamy’s Kingdom became a gloomy place. There was no beauty, no charm left. The hues of the flora faded, birds ceased chirping, rivers traipsed. There were more sighs than oxygen in the air.

Vanshawali vowed, “This madness must stop. This is against Nature’s scheme of things. Earth will soon become a hedious place of lunatics.”

Internationally acclaimed scientist and tech-savvy Vanshawali grouped a few loyals and experts and contrived a plan. He managed to convince Purushwamy that he had a wonderful plan to attack Queendom and kill all womankind. Purushwamy smiled evilly at the proposal. Vanshawali was appointed his chief advisor and given access to the misogynist’s private chambers and phone.

Vanshawali was shocked to read some texts and call records. “Ugh! So this is the reality. I must expose them.”


He worked hard and before long, built and secretly installed a system of sky-speakers. And one day, an announcement thundered from the sky:

Attention! Women and Men of the world. Purushwamy and Narigami have separated you but they themselves meet secretly. There’s proof. Revolt is the call. Stand united!”

There was awakening. And the strong wall separating humankind was demolished.



1) misogynist: woman-hater

2) misandrist: man-hater

3) Raksha Bandhan: An Indian festival that celebrates the bond and love between brothers and sisters. On this day, a sister symbolically ties a cotton cord around her brother’s wrist.

4) Maa: mother

5) Beti: daughter

6) Chhoti: a popular female nickname meaning ‘the young one’

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