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“Parvati, can you see what is happening down on the Earth? The violence and dictatorship against women has increased manifold. We need to teach the self obsessed male kind a lesson”, said the seemingly worried Lord Shiva.

“Sudha, Sudha! Where are you?” asked a just woken up Harish. He was still under the hangover of last night’s booze. He could recall how badly he had thrashed Sudha since she didn’t want to share the bed with him. Still without an iota of guilt, he continued with his daily routine.

Since no paratha was there, he ate crackers with a cup of tea. He didn’t bother to find out about Sudha sas she was too timid to lodge a complaint or react. Like many other males, he was proud of his pseudomasculinity.

In some other corner, Rahul, a misogynist, was not able to concentrate in his work. One boozes after another; the shots were not ending. He was wondering where his dharampatni, who looked after him, vanished.

I had just slapped her on face. So what? This wasn’t the first time”. His whole house was in a mess .Oh!what shall I do?

The houses and lives of the ‘chauvinistic and far superior’ gender had become mayhem. The males who considered women their properties and assaulted them were being themselves raped. Sodomy and bestiality were on rise. The hospitals, the roads were filled with weeping and sad faces. The temples were filled with males appeasing God to send the ‘she’ back.

‘Prabhu! May be they deserve to be forgiven. Look, they seem to be regretful’, asked Mata Parvati.

“ Parvati, not now. They have to wait more. They need to suffer much more before I return the womankind to them”, replied a stern Lord Shiva.

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