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The world purely became male-dominated. Eventually, every female became a feminist. The male-Government decided to commit a moral-crime to terminate the feminist-revolution. All the males were forced to kill their lovable females in honour-killings.


“Grandpa, you look so tired. Please leave the lab and take rest”, said Christopher, a 19-years-boy.

“No problem, Chris”, grinned Cooper.

“Grandpa, I must ask you a question today. Why are you doing this research?”

“Chris, I want to bring back our women”.

“Seriously? We have advanced-Bio-technology to produce males like me. Our robots do household-chores and give us pleasure as well. Why do we need women now?”

“The emotional-bond, women had with men, is undeniably missing here. Women’s love is something that can never be programmed in machines”.

“Grandpa, but your research seems to be illegal. Our Government hate females”.

“Damn Government! They fucking forced me to kill my wife. I stopped supporting them. I work alone and bring our women back”.

“But how?”

“By solving a mathematical-equation”.


“Yes, Every time something happens in this world, something else could have happened and did happen, just in the parallel-world. When all the women got killed here, all the men must have been killed there. So our women still exist in the parallel-world. If I solve the equation, I can form a bond between these two worlds”.

“Grandpa, you are so crazy”, laughed Christopher.

“Carry on research. But don’t forget to send Alexa to my bedroom once she finishes cooking. She has good skills that let me secrete the dopamine”, winked Christopher.

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