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It was unbelievable but it did happen.

In the Diamond Bar, Abhay, Babusha and Charandas were lamenting over their woeful married life.. Abhay knew about a Goddess. She would fulfil the wishes of those who worship her for 3 consecutive days without taking food.

They performed that task at the Holy place. On the fourth day the Goddess appeared along with her assistant who cautioned them to make a correct wish.


“Last month one devotee asked to make him desirable and irresistible to all women. And Madam turned him into a Credit Card”.

The trio smirked. “We want no woman in our lifetime” they prayed in unison. “Amen” the Goddess raised her wand. Now the three were free birds.

First week :
Abhay – My Dad had asked me to practise  “Sorry Mam” before getting married. Utter foolishness.

Babusha – Wife once asked me if i had anything for scrap sell. I was then adjusting my brief over the hips. So mean.

Charandas – My Fatso used to push me aside. When talked about weight loss she would giggle “I’m precious so I’ve airbags. Just cool you skinny”.

Second week

Abhay – One of us is thinking about Sex, right?

Other two –  We too, that makes three, right?

Third week

Abhay – WOMAN means Wonderful mother, Outstanding friend, Marvelous daughter,  Adorable sister, Nicest gift from God to men.

Babusha — A good woman is hard to find, easy to lose and impossible to replace.

Charandas – Women are foolish when they think they are equal to men. They are far superior. Love them and they give you a baby. Give them grocery, you get meals. Give them house, they make it a home. Give them a smile,  they give their heart.

All – We want our women back at all cost.


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