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Supriya just cuffed her shirt. Hiding her confident smirk, which she failed to do, she said, ” too much testosterone in this room, I am heading out guys, try not to burn the house down”

“cocky today, are we?”, a husky voice in a low tone spoke.

Supriya smiled the brightest, gave her brother a look and went out.

Supriya had to attend a workshop related to work, so she dressed all formal. She was really looking forward to it.

She decided to take a bus, she was in Delhi and quite living up to the expectations, Delhi didn’t disappoint her in showing its true colours. And mind you, these colours get brightened when it is past sunset. As for Supriya, before getting ready was the last time Supriya checked the time, it was 6:30 pm then.

Supriya was a bit confused about the lane the bus took, but she took a leap of faith. She decided to leave at the next stop, but the bus didn’t stop. She left her seat, looked at the seat at the back, 4 boys. She told the driver to drop her off at the nearest stop. The bus driver didn’t respond. And anything after that wasn’t worth remembering and she didn’t because she couldn’t. in simple words – her body didn’t allow her mind to.

She made the headlines. comments on the dress made their way from Indian households to her own.

Dad, Shivam and uncle were against having girls and had avoided them earlier, Supriy was the only exception was still was considered a burden. Only roughly one year later they realised how utterly wrong they had been. The absence of Supriya’s ringing laugh was too loud to be ignored. Another household was robbed off a treasure they didn’t know they possess.

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