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Walking, into the deep, dense but inhabited mind forest, I chanced upon a well. Happily drinking water I peeped inside. I stared at a man with moustaches and a turban. Gasping with shock, I looked around. It was me, the magical well water was reflecting my mirror image. I had regretted being born a woman and always wanted to be a man. The magic well had fulfilled this deep desire. I was a MAN. Deliriously happy I looked around triumphantly. I am finally a man and will do exactly as I wished. I can dominate; I can get away with everything and anything.

I saw many other beings exactly like me. I looked out, searching to find interesting women to talk to, to flirt with. But no, this was the enchanted Man forest. Inhabited by only male species, I had literally landed into a man´s world and I was just one of them.

How would kids be born? What about sex? Crazy thoughts shooting up and down I just stood numbed. What good was being a man in an only man´s world?

This place was unreal but real. The passive quietude of the place was deceptive. The more I stayed on, the more I could see the monotony of the zombie like men. The crazy, pulsating spirit of life was missing. I started losing my mojo.

Variety of species is the spice of life in our universe. For once, I felt it was not a cliché. My man forest was boring with a capital B. I couldn´t survive in this mechanical world of no sex, no flaming passions. It is the competitive spirit which leads to invention, growth and development.

I wanted to go back to being a Woman. Is it allowed? Yes we can always go back.

I rushed to drink water from the magical well of the mind forest. Exiting the turbaned, mustachioed man, I was once again me.

It’s really no fun to be what you are not. Just sheer joy filled my mind forest. I am happily celebrating womanhood day in and out.

Thanks for reading.

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