“That wintry night still haunts me mum, though I am very much familiar with the repercussions of again going through that trauma, if things didn’t worked out the way I suppose them to be. But I am unable to rob myself of this chance, if I did so throughout my life I will keep on thinking ‘What if?’.”, said Sunaina.

“Beta,you have to make up your mind now. Remember whatever you will decide I will be on your side. Good night!”, said Harpreet (Sunaina’s mummy).

Sunaina locked her room and let the lights on as she is afraid of darkness, since that dreaded night of March 2017. She meditated for a while but wasn’t able to concentrate. A sea of thoughts were flowing in her mind and she was unable to control the tears welling up in her eyes. She prayed and then laid down to sleep.

Though she tried, but all her efforts went in vain. As the moment she closes her eyes, the decade long memories keep floating in her mind. Their first meet, the hardships they went through, the struggles in which she stood by him.

Throughout the night she was receiving texts from him as he kept on updating her about his whereabouts. She being an optimistic person and a firm believer of intuitions said “Waheguru sabar da phal jholi payi” as she heard the early morning prayers from the nearby Gurudwara to her home.

As the day progressed, she finally decided to meet him and was getting ready. She wore a beautiful suit as he was fond of seeing her in Punjabi attire. The happiness to see him after 6 years is overshadowing the sadness owing to their relationship ended by him

The incessant rain was creating a havoc of its own as she got three cancellations from Ola because of the flood like situation which was totally abnormal in the month of February. But somehow she was able to get a cab booked for bus stand from her home.

While going she took blessings of her mum and went to bring him home. Beside asking her, if she can cook porridge for him as he informed that he is having severe cold, cough and fever. As she reached her destination, she saw a big smile on his face and that was enough to melt her in the bone chilling winter.

They came to her place, had conversation for about 3 hours, all the while she kept pleading and sobbing, but he was rigid on his decision and went back without answering any of her queries on why he is so adamant on his decision.

While consoling Sunaina her mother said Sometimes there is no happy choice, Sunaina, only one less grievous than the others. Atleast now you will not ponder on ‘What if you would have decided to meet him he might have changed his mind.’ It is starkly clear that he is not able to take stand for you.


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