“I don’t know what sort of subordinates you are having. If Ragu was here, problem would have been solved. Now the Chief has put a query and can he answer?” the DGM pointed his finger at Karthik in the meeting and blasted the Manager.

“This problem itself is because of Ragu only”, snapped Karthik.

“What do you mean?”, the DGM frowned at him.

“Yes sir, Ragu did a blunder. Though he knows that payment for castings is based on weight, he was careless and gave wrong weight. Here is the proof!”

The DGM slumped against the chair in disbelief after going through it. “I can’t believe he did this. I trusted him so much. Now I don’t have a face to show to Chief. I wonder what other blunder he has done!”

Rest of the meeting went well for Karthik as they came up with a solution to rectify the mistake.

Two hours later, Karthik’s phone rang while he was in the rest room washing his face. “Lalitha, how is Ragu now?” he asked over phone.

“Much better, anna. We just came home. I called you to inform that you don’t have to come now. Come home in the evening. I will prepare nice tea for you. Thank you for the help”, Lalitha sounded relieved on the phone.

“ Haha.. sure, take care”, Karthik replied and cut the call while looking at the mirror.

“ What are you doing?”, his mirror reflection asked with grimace.

“ What? Nothing!”, Karthik shrugged.

I know what you are doing. Back stabbing your own friend!

Look, I just told the truth.

Ragu confided his mistake only to you and he regretted for his blunder. That’s why he fell ill today out of stress and you know that, don’t you? How can you break the trust? How can you say things that you just told the DGM?

I just told things in the interest of the company. Nothing personal okay?

To hell with your fake concern about the company!! Liar! You are jealous of Ragu’s professional success! You saw the opportunity to gain on him and you played that cheap shot!

So be it! I work like a donkey and Ragu gets all the name just because he knows how to project himself. Even today the DGM was comparing me with him. What chance do I have during the promotional interview?

Then why did you go to Medical centre in the morning even though you knew Manager will be angry at your absence from work? You could have left him and Lalitha to suffer? You could have scored over him even more?

That is different! Ragu is talented. This one meeting will do no harm in anyway. I wanted to feel counted. Sometimes there is no happy choice, Karthik, only one less grievous than the others!

Water drops dripped from his nose tip as he turned around and walked away while his reflection looked at him with disgust and disapproval.


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Photo by Dane Deaner

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