6th January 2095

Short feeeeeeed: New condensed and concised

The civilization has reached to the apex of Maslow’s pyramid- to gain control on the human consciousness. Everything man could get or want is available in snap of fingers. We have sent the first unmanned space expedition to the Jupiter, the biggest planet of solar system. The man kind performed miracles in the genetic system and were able create human babies who could solve the quadratic equation to 4 powers, understand Schrodinger’s uncertainty principle at the age of 2. Mankind achieved miracles in the last 15 years. But still the apex of human consciousness required human intellect effort.

An AI based neuroscientist from Antarctica has claimed that he has invented a machine and method for humans to achieve the consciousness through which the mankind has created a dent in the evolution. Our news reporter Sameera has interviewed this AI based neuroscientist. Click on the link below for the interactive video:

(Video plays)

Sameera walked into a deep tunnel which led to a laboratory kind of set up. It had many wings of experimental test cases. The first wing was named as feelings, decisions, breathe, crisis and the wings went on. Sameera shook hands with a scientist who wore a polo shirt and denim jeans.

“Sameera.” Sameera introduced herself.

“Name, does it really matter?” The scientist shook his hands.

“So what is this device is all about?”

“Some things are better to be experience than told. Before experiencing the sensation of pure consciousness, know that it’s less a device or more of a quest.”


“Yes. You have questions to answer, decisions to make and things to be forgotten.”

“Aren’t you being weird?”

“The journey is weirder.” The scientist pointed towards the chamber of khoj. The scientist entered Sameera’s primary details in the device and Sameera walked into the cabin simulated to achieve 100% consciousness. Scientist connected a wire to Sameera’s head and wrist.

The lady voice from the machine started speaking, “Hello! Sameera. Analysis from your social feeds tells that you like to be called Sam.” Sam smiled.

“Sam as a robotic doctor explains what is being done to the patient before surgery I would be doing the same to you. We are a generation destined to suffer and find the meaning from the life. There is neither sadness nor happiness. Sometimes there is no happy choice, Sam, only one less grievous than the others. There are three stages: guidance, choices and when you evolve beyond the choices and duality the third stage is beyond the human words description.”

The machine flashed few lights and the consciousness was injected into her mind slowly. The progress bar on the machine started progressing from 10% to 40%. Her face started glowing and her smile became so natural. The progress bar showed 100%.”

12 hours later

Complete world experienced the 100% consciousness. The human race has evolved. After wheel, scientific, industrial and communication revolution, consciousness became. The world where……

The End.


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Photo by Hal Gatewood

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