Sid, was a well maintained and established personality in furniture industry.

He had picked Indrani’s picture from a matrimonial site and had decided to meet her with his parents.

Indrani was in a short visit to her parents at Kolkata. And Sid wanted to meet her, before she left for her work place at Bangalore. Indrani was working in an advertising agency. She is an obedient child of her parents. And believes in giving priority to her parents wish more than anything.

Finally, the day for their meeting was fixed by both their parents.

Sid with his two friends and parents arrived at Indrani’s independent house in Howrah. Sid received a warm welcome from Indrani’s cousin Aditya. His parents were impressed. They had bought one pot full each of Rosogulla and Kaju Katli on the way. They entered the drawing room which was  big and neatly decorated. They were requested by Indrani’s parents to be seated in the long black leather sofa. Sid was silently observing everything and was waiting for Indrani.

Indrani entered the room, with her eyes down cast. She was shivering with thought of all the members staring at her. Her sweet, sober look attracted everyone. Sid was head over heels. Within a second, he nodded to his mother giving his consent. His mother was happy receiving her son’s ‘yes’.

Sid parents were quite impressed by Indrani’s family hospitality. They accepted Indrani as their ‘bahu’ and exchanged sweets with each other. Engagement date was fixed. Sid and his family congratulated Indrani’s family.

Before leaving,

Sid was invited by Indrani’s father for a dinner out.

Indrani’s family and Sid met at the spot decided by Indrani’s father. Indrani was feeling uncomfortable, with Sid around her. He was secretly noticing her. He whispered in Indrani’s ear to put the ‘bindi’ properly. He even pointed her choice of earrings, bangles, colour of her dress. Indrani had a feeling of suffocation, in Sid’s company. She smiled throughout the dinner and tried to understand Sid.

Next day, Indrani was returning to her work place. She will be back before the engagement date. Sid came to see her off. But, this time her feelings for him were otherwise. Confused and perplexed about her cross thoughts she left for her destination.

In the meantime, Indrani’s father was collecting details about his would be son-in-law. He was happy with all the information received about Sid’s company and family. But his investigation came to a halt, when he came to know about Sid’s age and his suspicious past. Indrani’s father was informed that Sid is ten years older than Indrani. And he looks much younger than his age. The suspicious past which included his kidnapping and first marriage was kept covered cunningly.

Indrani’s father shared it with Indrani and her mother. And he decided to inform Sid’s parent and call off the engagement.

Indrani sitting at her workplace, was introspecting on her feelings through the entire episode. And she scribbled in her note that there is “no choice, only one less grievous than the other”.


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