Hey Ami, she whispered softly as she played with my tangled hair. I tilted my head backwards and she bent to kiss me. She always surprised me.

Next morning I made some coffee. She woke up to the buzzing of the coffee maker.

“Morning”, I whispered holding the cup of coffee.

She smiled and asked “Aren’t you late for work?”

“I am at work” I replied. “Isn’t love a work too?” I asked as I sipped the coffee.

“Lemme sleep!” she replied as she hurled a pillow at me.

I scrolled through my news feed.

“Another boy mysteriously killed; found dead along with his dog this morning”.

“Not again!” I screamed.

“I’ve gotta do something about this” I thought to myself as I drove through the traffic. The crowded paths were tiring. The sun blazed and it was as if the whole world was set on fire. I saw two Dark Sims taking shade under a tree. They too once felt the heat of summer. Little did they know that they no longer belonged here. Souls need to be told to move on. The ones that understand by themselves don’t bother anyone. But the ones that don’t are preyed by demons. The dark energy latches onto the souls that suffered a horrible death and gives rise to Dark Sims. But they can’t cause any harm unless they possess anyone. Sometimes some rituals dissipate enough energy for demons to affect the realm of the living. It can’t be done without a soul.

I had the ability to see beyond our realm. This helped many. I never thought this would take her away. Rene had complex abilities. She could summon angels and demons. The order of crescent wanted to harness her energy. They tortured her till she bled. She summoned Canor, the soul eater. He killed every single person in the room and disappeared when we tried to fight him. I held her in my arms at dawn.

“Sun at Dawn is just another daffodil that blooms” she said.

“No! You’ll be fine idiot! Hold on!” I said as she took her last breath…

I entered the church remembering her words.

“Hello Ami” Father Cole said as I entered. “You look worried”.

“The boy was the third one in two days” I said as I sat.

“It has to be done Ami. She can’t be stopped. She went through the worst ritual there is.”

“No Father! There has to be a way. I can’t lose her again!” I replied.

“Sometimes there is no happy choice, Ami, only one less grievous than the others.” Father replied.

“I can’t do it father, I am not strong enough.”

“She’ll only listen to you Ami. Do it.”

She was sitting in the hall.

We started the ritual. She slowly faded whispering goodbye to me.


Few weeks later…

“How are you Ami?” Father Cole asked gazing at sunrise.

“Sun at Dawn is just another daffodil that blooms” I replied as I picked up The Bible.


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Photo by Joshua Newton

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