“Rhea, I am sorry we have to go through this. I cannot believe that our marriage is failing.” Shyam cried.

Shyam was the love of her life. Or maybe he still is. It was only last week they had celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. But they knew each other since school. Being the much adorable high school sweethearts, they had their teachers, friends and family wishing them the best. Shyam was her charming prince. It was a marriage made in heaven. But to their dismay it was not heavenly.

“Rhea, I think you should start thinking of having kids now”, advised her mom one day.

“Yes, even I can’t wait to see you as a grandma, mummy” she grinned. Well, her words came to life when the following day her UPT revealed two lines of life!

She hopped around in excitement like a bunny and hugged Shyam tightly. “I love you, Shammi!!! Thank you for this beautiful birthday gift”,she cried. “I love you more, boo!” he snapped back and wiped away her tears. Together they stayed in each others’ arms for a minute and thanked God for this blessing.

Next day at the doctor’s office, their small world came crumbling down. “No heartbeat”,the gynaecologist explained. 4years down the line, they were still childless. Every prayer went unanswered. They tried all measures but in vain. Both of them couldn’t come to terms with the fact that they will never be able to become parents biologically. Small fights turned to resentment and of course, the blame games. Shyam started to spend most of his time at the office. Rhea never bothered. Life had come to a standstill. Every person they met had to ask only one thing as if life revolved around it. Rhea got dispirited.

One morning things changed for the worse. Shyam confessed that he is involved in an affair. Rhea was silent. Thousand questions hugged her thoughts yet she remained quiet.

Both the families got involved and soon divorce was the best solution they had to give. Yet Shyam and Rhea remained silent. Shyam broke his silence.

“Rhea, I am sorry we have to go through this. I cannot believe that our marriage is failing.I am sorry! I regret this folly. I now understand what a fool I have turned into. Please forgive me!”, Shyam fell on his knees in front of her and sobbed.

Rhea rushed to his side and held him close and whimpered,”Sometimes there is no happy choice, Shammi, only one less grievous than the others.” I am left with a choice, to forgive or not. To forgive you is the happiest choice I can make. I love you and will always do.”

The following year love bloomed into a beautiful flower. Inside the labour room, Shyam witnessed a more stronger Rhea as she brought another life into this world. Together as they held their little daughter and kissed her, he prayed” May you grow into a strong and loving woman like your mother”.


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Photo by Shelby Deeter

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