‘Hey bro, can you hear it. Was she crying sometime before?

‘Yes. I could hear her crying occasionally. Only you are hearing it now’

‘No bro. I also heard it before. Didn’t know, with whom to talk about.’

‘Case of domestic abuse, I guess’

‘Should we talk to her?’

‘I think, we should. It was different than the last time. But we aren’t whispering, you idiot. She must be hearing it all’

‘Ohh, My bad.’

‘Yes, I can hear you both. You don’t need to talk about this. Let it be. I am fine’

‘No, it’s not. It was not the same usual ‘crying after a small fight’ crying, we could hear you crying like someone has died, the whole night. I converted the time duration for convenience’, Mars said.

‘See, this is the difference. My own family doesn’t respect me and here are you guys, so caring.’

‘Yes, we care for you. It’s not that, we were disturbed from the wailing sounds’,

‘Shut up Venus. I am talking, no? What happened? Tell me?’, Mars said.

‘It has reached the limit. I was doing it for whom? For them only, right? But all they want to be rebellious. Breaking all rules and here am I rotating and revolving my whole life for them.’

‘I know. I can understand. Your family is trying to find place here also. I am resisting it for now. Anyway, leave it. You need to be selfish Earth. Stop doing it for once and they will know’

‘I think, you are right.’

Seen it all in last 24 hours. It all started with a flood in Indian Ocean, which then converted in to the most ferocious Tsunami. According to NASA, the Earth misses the 4 seconds of rotation for the first time in the history of mankind.

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