The grainy feel of  golden sand, gigantic waves crashing against the shore, seagulls screeching, the neon blue sky threaded with silver and a refreshing breeze swirling around my hair, with all  the elements in sync, my vacation seemed no less than a melodious symphony. After lazing around for an hour, my throat yearned to quench its thirst. Now that I was in coastal haven, I lusted for coconut water. I hollered to the man sitting outside a shack.

“Could I get one coconut water?”

“Sure, these are the area’s specialty.”

He peeled a coconut and handed it to me.

In a bout of excitement, I gulped a large portion in one go.

“Oh, my god, what shit is this, it tastes like bloody plastic.” I almost vomited the contents out.” What a liar you are, deceiving people, selling these contaminated coconuts.” I bawled in anger.

“Hmm… what did you expect, fresh and nutritious water?” someone said teasingly from behind.

Fuming with anger, I turned around. She was spectacular, with a robe of glossy green leaves and flowers of every shade of the rainbow.

“Its karma calling back son. You feed me plastic, then that’s what you get. Haven’t you heard that I am round and I give back what I get. So, here have some more of this bloody plastic.” And she stuffed some more in my mouth.

“And, yes, get used it to son. The piles have been accumulating pretty deep in me, I can stomach them no more. Its payback time.” She winked at me.


“No more plastic, no more plastic.”

I ran shouting like a lunatic.

I knew no one would believe my close encounter with the mother. So I just zipped it out and solemnly pledged to “Reduce, reuse and recycle.

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