‘The devil will soon be around if you don’t curb the ways of the world.’ She said as her vaporous figure stood before me like a genie.

‘What devil are you talking about?’ I queried.

‘The devil which will rise once the natural resources deplete and pollution rises. The fiend will creep in the form of illness and ailment. The demon unseen will turn the friends into foe. You never know how eerie it can be when even a mother will not spare her infant.’ Her voice was inaudible and filled with grief.

No, she was not trying to scare me but telling the facts.

Mother will not spare her infant! How forbidding that can be! ‘How much time do we have?’ I shuddered.

‘You have time! You always had time… but now what I need is not your time but your action.’

‘What can I do for you, my precious? Command me.’ I pleaded.

‘You go around preaching. But how much do you practice? How have you realized how much you have abused me over the years? When my clouds come and shower rains on my grounds which the people of the earth have plastered, they yell flood! Where shall my water go? My plains are now dotted by your so called development. Comes summer… while you sit inside your artificially cool abode, the heat generated by your machines sucks up my ozone!’ She panged withering.

I wanted to go to her and give her a warm hug and promise that I will not let her perish. But did not have the courage to do so.

I took a step forward to touch her hands and give her my solemn promise… but she vanished in thin air.

Time to act I vowed … ere she verily vanishes!


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