It was Easter Sunday. Mr. George was hosting an egg-hunt party in the sprawling garden of his house filled with enthusiastic kids.

The party was half-way through when the temperature started rising to unbearable proportions. The young kids unable to stand the heat started taking off their clothes while others ready to dig into their chocolates burst into tears when they saw their hard work melt like water. The green grass felt like bed of fire. The weather forecast had indicated a warm sunny day.

People at the pool party next door had sustained minor burns.

The crowd was advised to go indoors. The news channels were frantically questioning if it was the doomsday, showing videos of vehicles burning owing to the heat and friction. The next moment, a deafening blast at the nearest transmitter left them without power.

An octogenarian lady, holding a cross in her hand, whimpered, “On this day of Jesus’s resurrection, Mother Earth has come to take her revenge.”

Amidst fear and sunlight turning into darkness, her voice could be heard.

“I feel like laughing looking at your worried faces. Think about my pain when I see my children suffer due to your misdeeds. You withered in pain unknown to the fact that my whole body is burning more than ever before due to your increasing greed for technological advancements. Can you comprehend my pain when you uproot my children away from me? Your blood boils when someone abuses your kids, so does mine. When you cannot tolerate any wrong-doing to your mother, how could you for me?”

The inhabitants of Earth, petrified and guilty, had never seen this side of their Mother. They folded their hands in forgiveness.

Mother’s heart can never be cruel. Her disobedient kids got a second chance that day.


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