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With a strange commotion, the invitees and the members took their seats for the Earth Summit. Phones were flooded with messages. There was nervousness in the face of many and few stood up to leave.

While the president was getting ready for her opening plenary session, her phone flashed with news.

Glaciers and ice sheets have melted from both the poles and the mountains. Thousands of islands and many coastal areas have submerged all of a sudden. The mighty rivers have triggered landslides. Temperature of the earth’s surface has increased. By how much..? It will take some time to study.

“Keep on studying…….” said a thundering feminine voice which brought a tremor in the iconic glass building.

The sinking hearts turned towards the entrance and there she entered in a blue wavy robe, green grassy hands and reddening face. She swept towards the podium.

“So this summit ……is for me, Right?

And you understand …… that by caring of me, you can care for yourself. But do you work?

Oh no! You are leaders. You just have to make laws and people should follow. Right? ( Mother Earth claps loudly)

And you all, the so called developed nations (she points towards them)….. You’ve produced the maximum trash, CFC and other harmful chemicals. You were the one to create an imbalance in my ecosystem. You… were the generators of cancer and the likes and now you’re blaming others. (she claps again)

You………(turning towards) the industrialists. Stop thinking about money and influencing those in power.

And you…. the Blue Peace and other NGOs, stop your drama. Work or start the countdown…..the doomsday is around the corner.

My bosom had been burning for years and this is just a beginning.”

Apologies! Apologies!

Long Live Mother Earth!

They bow.


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