Nature plays the best music for those who care to listen.

The old adage was so true, but Mother Nature was now finding it tiring to create the kind of music she had played for ages.

The harmony and melody was being lost. The orchestra members were pulling in different directions. The notes were all jarring. In one corner of the Earth, they were drilling for oil, till the reserves were depleted. Elsewhere, massive forests were being replaced by whirring machines building what Man called Skyscrapers.

The worst hit were the oceans. The gentle sounds of undulating  waves were now replaced by the sound of her wailing children of the sea being enmeshed and trapped in plastic.

Mother Nature, the master orchestra conductor decided to take a break.

With no one to direct them, there were no revolutions and rotations. No night or day. There were no tides. The scientists from NASA to DRDO were in a tizzy.

“It’s as if the world has stopped” they exclaimed.

“It’s a harbinger of worse things to come “

“ We can do nothing  on our own. We need the Earth to do it’s job.”

“Apocalypse now.”

The reactions were variations of the same words.

It lasted for an entire 24 hours and as inexplicably as it had started , the mayhem stopped.

Apr 2040

The music was back on Earth. Mother Nature found it easier to conduct her symphony.

They’d toiled hard to replace plastic with a biodegradable material. They’d started planting forests again. Vast reserves of ecosystems were being created in all countries. There was a limit on the number of factories and buildings in each country.

Mother Nature smiled at her errant children who had been brought to book by that distant day in April 2019.

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