“ What is this cry of distress?” thought Polaris without taking off his gaze from his beloved, the earth . For centuries he had been obsessed with the beauty of  the earth. Vibrant and lively, ever changing and still the same,her beauty had never failed to fascinate  him . Yet again he heard the muffled cry of distress “.Where from is it coming?”
          He looked closely and panicked. Totally engrossed in love he had missed the deterioration the earth had undergone.Beautiful gras was changing into ashen grey .Emerald seas were choked with plastic.  Lush green forests were now vast deserts devoid of even a single drought of water .Forest Fires were engulfing plants , trees ,animals and birds. He called out to her.  ,”Oh dear ,I have been blind all this time. Pardon me for my negligence.Tell me who has caused you so much pain?”
     Tear drops trickled down the big beautiful eyes of the earth. “My favourite child ‘Man’  has turned inhuman. He is suffocating me with carbon footprints .Selfish and indifferent, he thinks only about himself . My other children are crying, suffering and dying. What do I do ?”
            Red with anger Polaris consoled the earth .” Don’t worry dearest , still there is time .You can save your children and yourself from his atrocities.Just be bold .” The earth thought for a moment,” How can I ? “  But something had to be done. Her other offsprings were also dear to her . Who would save them except their mother. She had to be selfish for herself and her other children. She decided to eliminate Man , so that the peace prevailed on the planet. Polaris smiled to see his beloved happy again.
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