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Mr. P. Sundaram, head of the Environment and Forests Ministry, was getting ready for the big day. He was about to sign the proposal letter by National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited for removing thousands of mangroves to proceed with the bullet train project. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and everything went black.


He woke up in a humongous room with no windows. People from different countries were present there. Their bewildered faces were proof that they have experienced the same.

A lady dressed in maple leaves entered the room. Her eyes were blue and she had some mysterious aura around her.

“Through my cosmic waves, I, the Mother Earth, have brought you all here. You are prime position holders in your respective countries. You are the decision makers, rulers, and inventors. Assuming you all as the representatives of the entire so-called modern human race, I seek answers from you.

In the name of science, invention, and modernization, who gives you the power to ravage me? Abuse my gifts? If I want, I can demolish the entire civilization before you inhale the next breath. However, a mother can only punish her children. Hence, the entire mankind will experience destruction until you all unite and learn to coexist,” the lady stated in an anguished voice and disappeared.


The next moment, Mr. Sundaram found himself back at home. A horrible nightmare, he was about to think of it, but the news showed one after another natural calamity taking place worldwide and the whole planet broke into riots.  

The decision makers contacted each other and called an urgent global conference. There, they all took an oath to regain the green, minimize the pollution and respect Mother Earth.

The destruction stopped only to give the human race one last chance.


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