It was 5am in the morning; 17 years old Piya woke up from her sleep. She was feeling extremely hot and her night dress was also completely wet with her sweat.

I just can’t believe it mom, yesterday it was so cold that we all were wearing our sweaters and today it’s just the opposite. Has the world come to an end mom? I have never perspired so much in the month of December. Just look outside mom, it seems as if the sun is throwing fire on us.

Look Piya, there is no point complaining now. We humans are very much cruel to our mother Earth and so today the mother earth is taking her revenge from us.

Look at the trees outside, they are feeling so much depressed, you know, they don’t trust we humans even for a second, we might kill them any moment. Look at the ground, it’s so dirty and filthy, there are plastics thrown all over the place, they can’t even breath properly. But they never complain to us. It is only because of us that the Mother Nature has lost all her beauty. Her greenery has also faded with time.

Now I really have pity on Mother Nature Mom. “I beg your pardon Mother Earth”. Please have pity on us. We promise not be selfish with you. Please don’t be selfish with us too.

One fine night in her dreams, she saw herself begging for forgiveness from Mother Earth. “Okay I will forgive you, but you need to return my beauty, you need return my pride”. Okay it’s a deal Mother Earth.

The next morning, Piya gathered some of her school friends, spoke about her concern with them, planned out a rally, attracted others to their group and eventually managed to go green.


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