Mother is exhausted…..

Her beauty has so many scars….

It all started long time back. The babies came one after the other. She held them in her arms, nursed them, and nurtured them. It was all sweet but tiring. She managed to sail through it all.

But in the process, her endurance rang an alarm; she needs to take care of herself.

“I need a break!” she said

Mother Earth saw the torn corners of her pretty being, her babies were desperately looking for crude oil and coal.

Her human babies killed other babies, plants and wildlife. Human activities polluted water, air, made a hole in the ozone layer. Global warming choked her.

John lazily turned over in his bed. Through his shuttered eyes he saw that the sun was not yet high in the sky, there was total darkness.

The walk to the river seemed endless, as Gopal dragged himself along with his two buffaloes. Every morning he took them to the river for cleaning.” Have I lost my way?” he muttered under his breath. He could not find the river.

The workers piled into the truck with their tools. The breaking bars, impact bars, wedges and winches were stacked in one corner of the huge truck. The cranes, harvesters and forwarders followed. “Hey guys, we cannot move ahead, there is a high wall”.

Just then, there was thunder and lightening… An orotund yet gentle voice was heard by everyone on the planet…..

Humans, because of their greed have hurt me immensely. You litter, pollute and in the process have destroyed acres of forests and killed so many innocent lives. You have encroached on the natural habitats which are not yours. So, I am sorry you will be deprived of all natural resources.”

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