She wept. Her bosom quivered, a quake was born. She purged her disappointment in a Tsunami of tears. She was wretchedly distraught. Her errant progeny refused to heed her. So today, she retched out her ire. She heaved her displeasure in tidal waves of discontent.

She was a mother, she loved her children. But, today she had decided to punish & discipline. The times called for it. The avaricious attitude of her children, their petty squabbling over pieces of her, their desecration of her body, had all led to this decision. Today, she was selfishly doling out that which they had been giving her.

Oh! She had tried, she really had. She had beseeched them, pleaded with them to rein in their wayward selfishness, but they had not listened.

Her tremors were meant as a warning to mankind. But, they went unheeded. Her tears had raised the levels of the oceans but that too went unnoticed.

So she thought, “I’ll have to teach them a lesson.”

Angrily she had summoned the elements. They had bidden as directed and unleashed her ire on the world. Now all her children were running helter-skelter seeking refuge. Oh! They were heeding her now, now that their survival was in question. But she was not done punishing. Not by a long shot!

Her despondence at their attitude knifed her own heart. It cleaved a wedge deep & painful. Her blood oozed out now, seeped out from crevices as red hot lava. She sobbed as each drop oozed and destroyed something. But, she did not stop the flow. She let her children feel her angst.

Then they came crawling to her, begging the God’s to stop her selfishness at punishing them.

She smiled then and said to herself, “Touché, my children.”

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