I knew, the day couldn’t start a normal one. I woke up to a very strong drilling sound from a next-door construction site. The sound was kind of good. I could distantly hear Mom and Dad arguing with someone.

Boom my room door opened. Entered police. I wasn’t expecting them that early in the morning. It was 9:00Am for god sake.

‘What happened? At least tell us something.’ My mom was constantly asking them. I knew what has happened.

‘Where is Ahaana? You were with her last night, no?’, the man asked.

‘Ahaana? What happened to her?’, asked mom.

‘She is missing since last night. Apparently, your son was with her. Ask him.’, He said.

‘Please don’t trouble him. He is suffering from Schizophrenia.’

I am not. I started behaving abnormally there.

‘I don’t know sir. She is my best friend. Where is she?’, I enacted it with conviction.

‘She took me to the garden in the society. We were playing and then she left. I came home alone.’

‘Mam, has he been suffering from this since childhood?’, the same guy asked. I guess the other one was his subordinate.

‘No. He had an accident two years back. It happened then.’

‘Can we ask him some questions in your presence?’, he asked

‘Please sit in the drawing room. Give him some time. He will be there.’, she said.

They asked me multiple questions. I didn’t answer any. They asked me to come to police station also. This time, they took me to a room,all alone. I cooperated with them. I thought they would ask me some questions, but they didn’t. They left me in the room for two hours straight. They wanted me to recollect. I did.

‘Ahaana, you are my best friend’

‘Stop acting. I know, you are quite normal. I also know that nothing sort of an accident happened in Manali. You pushed your friend from the top hill. You are a mad person, and that is why I selected you for this. So, stop this nonsense’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘I guess, insane people understand each other. Now, I want you do this one thing. You have to kill me or I will tell everyone about you. I can’t commit suicide and you will easily get away with it again.’

‘What kind of options they are? I am not a murderer by profession, you understand?’

‘Even I was not. And you talking about Options? Sometimes, there is no happy choice, Karan, only one less grievous than the others.’


‘Can you recall anything about her?’, the same guy came and asked

‘No sir. Can I ask you something?’


‘What can be more grievous than thinking about dying?’

‘Shut up. You are not dying’

‘Sir, we found her dead body in the construction site near his house’, the subordinate came with a news.

‘Inform the family.’

‘Sir, she was all alone. Two years back, her brother died in an accident in Manali.’


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