Anand and Seema were ecstatic today.

Why shouldn’t they be!!

After a long wait of seven years, they have seen two pink lines of hope.

Anand was very delighted when they went for Seema’s first scan. Seema was having tears of joy when she saw that teeny- weeny heart and a loud heartbeat.

Anand treated Seema as queen like earlier. He took care of her every need. From Vitamin, Iron supplements to milk, from the morning walk to yoga classes, he accompanied her everywhere to make her comfortable. Seema was enjoying every bit of her pregnancy and it was quite visible from her face. Blushing like never before!!

As the news was already out, the entire neighbourhood was talking about it. Some were guessing about the gender of the baby by looking at the size of the belly and her blushing face. But all Anand and Seema wanted was a healthy child. Gender was irrelevant to them.

Seema’s phone browsing history now widened from ‘how to conceive’ to ‘baby growth charts’, ‘popular baby names’ etc. Although she was happy however at the back of her mind, she was scared due to all her previous miscarriages. But she never shared her fears with Anand.

In the third month of pregnancy, she went for her routine check-up to the doctor. Everything seems fine, said the doctor. As you are over 35, I recommend you to go for a few additional blood tests and Ultrasound sound and don’t worry they are just to be on the safer side. Once you have the results, come back to me, I’ll have a look at it and discuss with you.

This time it was a little different than the previous scanning centre. It was occupied with expensive looking scanning machines and serious looking radiologists. However, the waiting time was lesser as there were very few patients in the queue. The radiologist applied cold gel over her tummy and kept staring at the screen. He did it 2-3 times, took screenshots and asked her to wait outside for reports. When asked about ‘any serious issue’, he gave the standard answer to discuss the report with her gynaecologist.

Anand and Seema barged into her gynaecologist’s room with ultrasound report without asking anyone. Gynaecologist looked at the report and her eyes were glued on it and her expressions were varying constantly.

Seema’s intuitions stood true when the doctor told that the report says “Screen Positive”, which means it was highly likely their child will have Down’s syndrome. Doctor asked them to discuss with family and decide whether they want to continue with this pregnancy or not as they still have the time to terminate it.

Anand froze as he didn’t know how to react to this news. He looked at Seema, who was calm and composed like always.

She looked at him and said, sometimes there is no happy choice, Anand, only one less grievous than the others. It’s better to have our child than

being childless forever.


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Photo by Bich Engoc Le

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