“What about a real life story, Mom?”John asked.

“So, you want to hear a real life story?” Rebecca glanced and started telling him a new story.

Twenty years ago, a huge whipping storm captured all of us. Mother Nature was merciless. One storm left an estimated 20,000 dead in its wake. Hurricane with 200mph generated 30 ft storm and it nearly wiped our island.

Your forefathers were living on the greed for betterment. But, their betterment left an indelible print on nature, whether they like it or not.

“Your story is over. Go to sleep, baby.” Rebacca pulled on the blanket and switched off the light.

Good night grandma. “But, how could a mother be merciless?” John asked anxiously lifting off the blanket.

“She can be dear”, she quoted silently. The question rebounded her memory to twenty years back.

Twenty years ago,

American geologists Rebecca Johnson and Andy Curtis found signals while working for their research of an upcoming calamity. It marked for a huge megatsunami. The whole section of people started working abruptly. The rush and panic soon spread out. The leader’s ordered for a project for the survival of the people. The town was asked to evacuate as the panic was increasing.

And, the moment came. A huge massive hurricane whipped all around. From the destruction of building to vehicles, people flooded in water, just created havoc on land.

Pregnant Rebecca witnessed this entire cataclysmic event and also remembered the loss of her husband who drowned while saving people from a beach restaurant. Tears were hard to stop. But, life goes on. The effect of the havoc lessened after few hours. May be mother earth was sensitized by the catastrophe.

Twenty years ago,


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