Mother Earth had had enough and decided to go rogue.

Thinking hard she said, “Hmmm, 71% of my surface is occupied by water and 29% by land. I need to reclaim some of the land. Massive construction and landfills have ruined the quality of water, not to forget contamination by pollutants from industries and humans in general. The poor animals in the sea are found with plastic in their bellies or birds and animals alike on land are choking on it. Humans are ungrateful and always will be. It’s time they learnt a lesson.”

Mother Earth’s stomach heaved and rolled. Lava boiled in her belly waiting to let out at her instructions. Suddenly, she decided to spit it all out. The lava came gushing out from a mountain that had been declared dormant for the last hundred years. As people ran everywhere, trying hard to escape, Mother decided to have some more fun.

On the other side, the Earth shook beneath the sea. And thus, started a Tsunami. The water rushed inland, destroying everything in its path. Houses, fields and plantations, roads, entire cities wiped out. People begged, screaming for help. Between the lava on one side and water flowing inland on the other, where could they go? To add fuel to the fire, she summoned the wind and tornadoes hit land, adding to the devastation. Fire broke out in some forest regions burning everything to cinder along the way.

Mankind learnt a hard lesson that particular day. When Mother had gone rogue, life itself broke. They decided to pay heed and take care of her every way they could from now on.

A content Mother Earth sighed and smiled.


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