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This is what happened long long ago. Kerosine stoves were replacing gas cylinders and housewives were relieved a bit. My mother got a gas cylinder booked as soon as a gas agency was opened in our small city.  It was no less than a miracle to prepare breakfast in a jiffy and send children to school.

But then good things have evil sides too. Our first cylinder lasted one month, but the second finished after fifteen days only. My mother felt bad. It was an extra financial burden also. She was the one to manage the budget as well. Anyhow, new cylinder was brought after complaints and arguments with the manager.

This cylinder also finished after 15 days and the third also. This was too much. My mother decided to do something about it.  She could not afford that much. She told my father to do something but he ignored.

So my gentle mother, dressed up gracefully in a saree, took the cylinder on a rickshaw to the agency and asked them to replace that, which they refused to do. She argued but they were not ready to admit about pilfering the gas.

She entered their store and took out a matchbox from her purse. She threatened to open a cylinder and set fire to it.  Bewildered, they ran to the store and pleaded with her not to do so. The manager was quickly called and she was requested to calm down and ultimately they agreed to replace the cylinder and promised not to cheat in the future.

I don’t know whether it celebrates motherhood or not, but it certainly celebrates a mother who had to show this courage to keep her household running. It celebrates boldness which women will have to possess.

Sarita Khullar

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