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Children learn and imbibe a lot from their surroundings, family, parents especially from their mother and I am no exception to it. Since childhood, I am very keen in copying my mother’s personality from colour coordinating my dress with her outfit to the way she spoke. As time passes, I didn’t even realised how I started incorporating her behaviour, thoughts and opinions in my life.

Like every mother, she taught me the basic skills of life, helped me throughout my studies, even made me realise that the worst situations in life also has a positive aspect to it. The list of things that I learnt from her is countless. But the most important thing that I got from her is compassion for all as I have seen her practising this every day.

She told me that every person is equal and deserves respect, and I get to see this in our daily life. For instance, she never uses separate utensils while giving tea and food to the house help working in our home. Even though it’s a common practice in our residential area where the owners are well educated and having high-profile jobs.

Her loving nature is the reason why every kid from our neighborhood visits our place daily in the evening to get cookies, candies and their favorite food items from her. Although, she is not working in some office but is totally independent in taking her own decisions and managing the finances of our house.

Love you Mom for showing me how to live the best life and I will try my best to imbibe the qualities that I inherited from you in my future children.

Er Shine

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