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“God could not be everywhere and so he created Mothers”.. this phrase is commonly used to define Lord’s beautiful creation “Mother”. A Mother’s heart is like an ocean… unbound love. I perceived this feeling the day I slipped into my mother’s shoes, the day I became a Mother. The strength and perseverance that I inherited from you Ma helps me overcome every difficulty of life. It’s her belief in me that transformed me into a strong woman.

I still remember the day… Ganesh Utsav celebrations… drums beating… crowds cheering.. and amidst all the commotion I was praying.. praying for the well being of my unborn baby. It was a regular visit to the hospital.

My gynecologist confirmed that there is still little time left.. we can wait. As a precaution, she asked to get admitted. I did. I was doing fine. Hopefully. But He had other plans. The doc suddenly asked me to get the baby’s heartbeat checked… that’s it.

The beats were irregular.  The attendant tried to calm me but how can I? Petrified but helpless, I waited for the doctor. She advised me to get a colour Doppler done.

Meanwhile, contractions began and as a first-time mother, I struggled to adjust myself to the ascending pain. Thankfully the Doppler test showed positive result ushering immense relief.

Finally, after a battle of around 10hours inside labor room, I saw him.. the priceless gift from God. Though the doctor blamed me for being a non-cooperative patient but she unearthed a truth too. She called my son as a “Miracle Baby”, for he himself tried to force his way out tearing the cord.

Three years of motherhood blessed me with varied emotions. Thanks, Ma.. you made me unravel my hidden strength.


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