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The beginning of life is in a Mother’s arms. We rely on her for everything, she is our giver, our nourisher, our nurturer. I have been blessed with two such Moms. One is my Biological Mom and the other is my Elder Sister, who I call my Mother Hen.

They have been with my right through my younger years, protecting me, standing by me, encouraging me to explore new opportunities, through my thick and thin. And the bond has only gotten stronger with time. As we grow, we mature and realize the importance of having someone by our side when we need them. I went through a life-changing incident a couple of years ago and it was only because of these two that I picked up the pieces, to put myself together again. They gave me the strength and the courage to walk with my head held high.

So, there can never be anyone better than these two beautiful women who love me and are always there for me! I can only say, thank you for the way you care and the love you share. You complete me!

Sheetal Ashpalia

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